Jandy Flue Temp Sensor

Jandy Flue Temp Sensor




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Product description

Jandy Flue Temp Sensor

To heat your pool water each summer, your pool heater brings together fuel and heat in a way that is safe for your friends and family. Part of the way that Jandy makes their heaters safe to use is by including a number of sensors and switches that ensure every part of the heater is working safely and correctly.

The flue temperature sensor is an essential component of your Jandy heater, requiring immediate replacement if it is damaged.

Installing the R0719400 Jandy Flue Temp Sensor

The R0719400 Jandy Flue Temp Sensor is designed to replace the original flue sensor in your Jandy JXI pool heater. This small part reads the temperature of the emissions your heater is putting out, shutting your heater down if temperatures climb too high.

Each pool heater requires a specific flue temperature sensor to function safely. Be sure that you have a Jandy JXI heater at home, and the R0719400 Jandy Flue Temp Sensor will get your heater up and running after a quick installation.