Jandy Propane (LPG) Gas Valve

Jandy Propane (LPG) Gas Valve




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Product description

Zodiac/Jandy Propane (LPG) Gas Valve

Natural gas pool heaters are among the most efficient and effective ways for you to heat your pool water. Pool heaters are designed with many different elements and sensors to ensure they are functioning correctly, without overheating, malfunctioning, or releasing too much gas.

The gas valve in your natural gas heater controls the release of natural gas, fuelling your heat source and allowing your heater to function. If your gas valve has become damaged or broken, your heater will have trouble functioning, and may not be able to turn on at all. Fortunately, pool heaters by Zodiac/Jandy have been designed to make repairing the gas valve a simple and affordable fix.

Using the Jandy R0493200 Gas Valve

The Jandy R0493200 gas valve is a simple and affordable repair that a pool professional can make within a matter of minutes. The R0493200 gas valve is an exact replacement for your Jandy natural gas heater, insuring a perfect fit and fast repair. The R0493200 valve is suitable for replacement on heater model LRZM. Be sure the R0493200 gas valve fits your existing natural gas heater, and you'll be able to enjoy warm pool water in no time!