Jandy Pump Drain Plugs (Pair)




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Product description

R0446000 Jandy Pump Drain Plugs

In Canada, the ability to easily winterize your pool equipment is essential to making sure your pool equipment lasts through the rough winter. This is particularly true of your pool pump and heater, expensive pieces of equipment that often spend the winter outdoors.

The winterizing plug allows you to easily drain your pump for the winter, but it is crucial that this plug be in place and well-fitting during the summer months when your pump or heater are in operation. The R0446000 Jandy set of Pump Drain Plugs provides a perfect replacement for the drain plug on many Jandy and Zodiac brand pool heaters.

Any pool owner with experience opening and closing their pool seasonally a few times knows to pay attention to their drain plugs. These small parts can be easy to forget or misplace, and can often be damaged after years of use.

The R0446000 Jandy Pump Drain Plug Set comes with 2 drain plugs. The R0446000 is a fit for many models of Jandy and Zodiac heaters and pumps (see below). Check out your existing equipment to be sure that the R0446000 is the right fit for your pool for a fast and easy open this summer.