Jandy High-Limit Switch Assembly

Jandy High-Limit Switch Assembly




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Product description

Zodiac/Jandy R0457401 High-Limit Switch Assembly

The safe operation of a pool heater is more complex than we might imagine. There are many sensors and mechanisms in place that ensure your heater functions safely, heating to the right temperatures, and ensuring power flow is handled adequately. The high limit switch ensures that the water in the header isn't overheated - a situation that could be damaging to your heater, and even dangerous to swimmers.

If your Jandy or Zodiac brand pool heater is in need of a new high limit switch, the R0457401 High Limit Switch Assembly allows for a quick repair that can get your heater running again.

The R0457401 Zodiac/Jandy High-Limit Switch Assembly

The R0457401 Zodiac/Jandy/Teledyne High-Limit Switch Assembly is an exact replacement for existing switches on LRZM heaters. For a pool professional, replacing a high limit switch is a fast and simple job. Many pool owners are able to make this repair themselves, but note that without the support of a pool professional, the warranty on this part may be voided.

If your Jandy or Zodiac brand pool heater is in need of a new pressure switch, be sure the R0457401 is a suitable replacement for your existing model for a fast and effective repair.