Jandy High-Limit Switch (set of 2)

Jandy High-Limit Switch (set of 2)




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Product description

R0457200 Jandy High-Limit Switch (set of 2)

Zodiac and Jandy brand pool heaters have a reputation for efficient and reliable operation. But these heaters have also been outfitted by many different parts and mechanisms that make them safe to operate near your family.

High limit switches are included in all Jandy and Zodiac brand pool heaters. This ensures that when the temperature gets too high, your heater will be shut down. But over time, these switches can become worn out and prevent your heater from running. If you're in need of new high-limit switches, we can get the replacement switches you need, direct from Zodiac.

The R0457200 Jandy High-Limit Switch Set contains two switches needed to operate many different Jandy/Zodiac heaters, including models LRZE, LRZM, and LXi Low Nox heaters. This set contains two switches for two different functions in your heater, one cutting function at 130F and the other at 150F.

If you have an LRZE, LRZM or LXi pool heater at home, the R0457200 Jandy High-Limit Switch Set provides a manufacturer-direct replacement that will have your heater up and running after a quick service call.