Jandy Hot Surface Ignitor JXi Models

Jandy Hot Surface Ignitor JXi Models




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Product description

Zodiac/Jandy Hot Surfact Ignitor for All JXI Models

Your pool heater is a complex piece of equipment that has been designed with care. With flame, gas flow, and electrical current, pool heaters have the potential to be very dangerous. All quality pool heaters have been designed with a number of mechanisms and sensors to ensure that your heater operates safely, and exactly as needed. When there is an issue with one of these components, you may have trouble with your heater function, or may not be able to get your heater started at all.

All Zodiac and Jandy heaters have been designed to be easy and affordable to operate. If you've discovered that your Jandy or Zodiac brand pool heater requires a new Hot Surface Igniter, you can make a fast and easy repair using the R0457502 kit.

Installing the R0457502 Zodiac/Jandy Hot Surface Ignitor

The hot surface ignitor is put to work every time you start up your pool heater, lighting the flames that allow your heater to function. Over time, this ignitor may become damaged or broken, and when this happens, it is absolutely essential that you find the right replacement. The R0457502 is a suitable part replacement for Zodiac/Jandy JXi & JXi ASME heater models 260 & 400 both natural gas and propane.

If you're hoping to get your hot surface ignitor repaired so you can enjoy your pool heater, you'll be happy to know that this replacement is a fast and easy job for your pool heating technician.Jandy Ignitor Kit