Jandy JXI 260 Heat Exchanger Assembly

Jandy JXI 260 Heat Exchanger Assembly



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Product description

Jandy JXI 260 Heat Exchanger Assembly

The heat exchanger in your pool heater is one of the most important in providing you with warm, comfortable pool water that you can enjoy each season. The heat exchanger is also exposed to a lot of use over time, with moisture, extreme temperatures, and unbalanced water all taking their toll.

If you've discovered that you need a new heat exchanger for your Jandy JXI 260 pool heater, you'll be happy to know that Jandy provides an exact replacement for your JXI heater.

Using the R0589403 Jandy JXI 260 Heat Exchanger Assembly

Every Jandy pool heater has been designed to require a unique heat exchanger. If you plan to make a replacement for the heat exchanger in your Jandy heater, it is important that you diagnose the issue with a pool professional, and find the specific part you need to make a repair.

The R0589403 Heat Exchanger Assembly is available through special-order only, so be sure to order yours as soon as possible to get your Jandy heater running again.