Jandy Manifold, 3-Port

Jandy Manifold, 3-Port




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Product description

Jandy Manifold, 3-Port

Over time, the parts that make up your pool heater are under a lot of stress. Water pressure, chemistry, corrosion, and the extreme temperature changes that these parts are exposed to can lead to damage over time.

In your Jandy JXI heater, the manifold is central to the flow of water through your heater. If it is damaged, you'll need to get an exact replacement to prevent leaks and further damage to your heater.

Using the R0590100 Jandy Manifold (3-Port)

The R0590100 Jandy Manifold is a 3-port manifold, specifically designed for use on Jandy JXI heaters. This essential piece is a match for the original part in your heater, and can ensure a perfect fit for excellent heating performance.

If your Jandy JXI heater needs a new manifold, the R0590100 is the part you need.