Jandy Gas Valve For Propane Jandy Lite2 LG Heaters

Jandy Gas Valve For Propane Jandy Lite2 LG Heaters




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Product description

Zodiac/Jandy Gas Valve For Propane Jandy Litez LG Heaters

Every year, Canadians across the country rely on their pool or spa heater to ensure their pool water is comfortable for swimming. When a heater isn't working, it can cut into the summer season and cause major frustration for pool owners. Conveniently, all Zodiac and Jandy brand pool heaters have been designed to be serviceable and repairable, and Zodiac's commitment to making replacement parts available ensures these heaters last for years.

If you have a Zodiac or Jandy brand pool heater with a problem gas valve, Zodiac can provide you with the replacement that you need.

Using the R0096900 Zodiac/Jandy Pool Heater Gas Valve

The R0096900 Zodiac/Jandy/Teledyne Laars Pool Heater Gas Valve is a perfect replacement for the existing gas valve on Jandy Litez and LG Heaters. This simple part plays an essential function for your pool heater, regulating the flow of gas to your heater (and as a result, how much heat is released). When the gas valve is sticky, corroded, or broken, your heater simply cannot function properly.

For anyone with experience in repairing pool heaters, switching out a defective gas valve for the R0096900 is a fast repair that can be completed in minutes, and many handy pool owners also make this simple repair themselves.

If you have a Jandy or Zodiac pool heater, be sure you look into your options and find the perfect part to repair your heater, instead of worrying about purchasing a new model.

Used in the following models:

ESG125P, ESG175P, ESG250P, ESG325P, ESG400P, LG125P, LG175P, LG250P, LG325P, LG400P, LLG125P, LLG175P, LLG250P, LLG325P, LLG400P