Jandy Pool Heater Hi-Limit Switch, 150F

Jandy Pool Heater Hi-Limit Switch, 150F




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Product description

Zodiac/Jandy R0023000 Pool Heater Hi-Limit Switch, 150F

A natural gas heater has a lot of power. With burning elements, a consistent flow of natural gas, and a number of complicated components to control, it is important that all of these features are working well for your heater to function safely. All Zodiac and Jandy brand heaters are designed to include these safety features. The High Limit Switch has been designed to ensure that the temperature of your heater never reaches a dangerous level. If your high limit switch has been damaged or corroded, you'll need to get a replacement to get your heater running again.

Installing the R0023000 Zodiac/Jandy Pool Heater Hi-Limit Switch

The R0023000 Zodiac/Jandy/Teledyne Laars Pool Heater Hi-Limit Switch is a direct replacement for your Zodiac or Jandy pool heater. Made from the same quality materials, you can rely on your high limit switch for function, affordability, and performance. Replacing the high-limit switch is a fast and easy repair for your pool technician, and many pool owners are able to make this quick repair themselves.

The R0023000 High Limit Switch is a suitable replacement for a wide variety of Zodiac and Jandy brand pool heaters. Be sure that your model is listed below, and the R0023000 High Limit Switch replacement kit will have your heater working like new, quickly.

Used in the following models:

DH125, DH175, DH250, DH325, DH400, DK125, DK175, DK250, DK325, DK400, DM125, DM175, DM250, DM325, DM400, DR125, DR175, DR250, DR325, DR400, EC125, EC175, EC250, EC325, EC400, EG125, EG175, EG250, EG325, EG400, EPC125, EPC175, EPC250, EPC325, EPC400, EPG125, EPG175, EPG250, EPG325, EPG400, EPM125, EPM175, EPM250, EPM325, EPM400, EPS125, EPS175, EPS250, EPS325, EPS400, ES125, ES175, ES250, ES325, ES400, ESC125, ESC175, ESC250, ESC325, ESC400, ESG125, ESG175, ESG250, ESG325, ESG400, ESII125, ESII175, ESII250, ESII325, ESII400, LD125, LD175, LD250, LD325, LD400, LG125, LG175, LG250, LG325, LG400, LJ125, LJ175, LJ250, LJ325, LJ400, LLD125, LLD175, LLD250, LLD325, LLD400, LLG125, LLG175, LLG250, LLG325, LLG400, LT250, LT400, LX250, LX400, LXI250, LXI300, LXI400