Jandy Pool Heater Transformer 115/230 V

Jandy Pool Heater Transformer 115/230 V




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Product description

R0061100 Jandy Pool Heater Transformer

In your Jandy or Zodiac pool heater, the transformer serves an essential function - allowing the power taken in by your heater to be used at the right voltage for your heater. When the transformer isn't functioning properly, your heater won't be able to function correctly, and it is important that you find a matching replacement to get your heater repaired.

Jandy and Zodiac heaters with a damaged transformer can easily be repaired with a manufacturer-direct replacement.

Using the R0061100 Jandy Pool Heater Transformer

The R0061100 Zodiac/Jandy Laars Pool Heater Transformer is a flexible part that replaces the transformer on many different models of Jandy and Zodiac pool heaters. The R0061100 Pool Heater Transformer, but is not appropriate for every single model. Before ordering a replacement part, be sure to consult your pool heater manual and your heating professional to be sure that the R0061100 transformer is the part you need to enjoy another summer of comfortable, heated pool water.