Jandy Pressure Switch, 2PSI




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Product description

Jandy Pressure Switch, 2PSI

Any pool owner knows that maintaining proper pressure and flow is essential for all of your pool equipment. This is particularly true for your pool heater, which needs to have an optimal environmental to heat your pool safely and efficiently.

Over time, the pressure switch for your heater can corrode and when this happens, you'll need a replacement to be sure you get an accurate reading on your heater. The R0013200 Jandy Pressure Switch is a 2PSI switch that fits a variety of heater models.

Using the R0013200 Jandy Pressure Switch (2PSI)

The R0013200 Jandy Pressure Switch is suitable for use on Zodiac, Jandy, and Hobbs brand heaters - a flexible replacement that has solved pressure switch problems for pool owners across Canada. If your pressure switch has worn out (or disappeared over the winter), be sure that the R0013200 is a fit for your existing heater for a worry-free fix.