Jandy Temperature Control for Jandy Lite2 LG Heaters

Jandy Temperature Control for Jandy Lite2 LG Heaters



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Product description

Zodiac/Jandy Temperature Control for Jandy Lite2 LG Heaters

Every Jandy pool heater comes with a temperature control unit that allows pool and spa owners to have precise control over the operation of their heater. This unit plays an essential function in controlling the heater, and ensuring all components are directed correctly. Over time, the temperature control on a pool or spa heater gets a lot of use, and may stop working. When this happens, you'll need a replacement to get your heater working as you need it to.

Zodiac has a commitment to ensuring that it is easy to make a repair when there is a problem with one of their heaters, and the R0058200 Temperature Control is an exact replacement on controls for Jandy Lite2 LG Heaters

Using the R0058200 Zodiac/Jandy Temperature Control

The R0058200 Zodiac/Jandy Temperature Control provides a full and fast replacement for your existing temperature control unit. The R0058200 contains both the internal and external components needed for you to fully replace your temperature control unit. For an experienced technician, replacing this unit is a job that can be done in half an hour or less.

Used in:

  • Jandy Lite2 LG Heaters