Temperature Sensor For Jandy Lite2 LG/LD Heaters

Temperature Sensor For Jandy Lite2 LG/LD Heaters




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Product description

R0011800 Zodiac/Jandy Temperature Sensor For Jandy Lite2 LG/LD Heaters

Having a pool or spa heater you can rely on is invaluable, and part of the reason for this reliability is a part that allows your heater to sense temperature. The temperature sensor in your heater allows you to operate it within a safe range, and ensure that you receive accurate readings of your water temperature. Over time, if this part becomes corroded or damaged, you will no longer be able to get an accurate reading of your water, and your heater may fail to start at all.

Conveniently, Zodiac/Jandy temperature sensors can be easily switched out for a matching part that will allow you to take accurate readings of temperature.

Using the R0011800 Zodiac/Jandy/Teledyne Temperature Sensor

The R0011800 Zodiac/Jandy/Teledyne Temperature Sensor is suitable for use on Jandy Lite2 LG/LD Heaters. This small part plays an essential function in your heater, protecting more important elements from damage over time. For any pool professional, diagnosing and repairing a problem with the temperature sensor is a fast and easy job. This part is so simple to replace that many DIY pool owners are able to do it themselves (but take note that this may void the existing warranty on your heater).

If the temperature sensor in your Jandy/Zodiac pool heater is on the fritz, you can easily get your heater working again with the right replacement sensor. Be sure the R0011800 Zodiac/Jandy/Teledyne Temperature Sensor is a fit for your existing heater for a fast and affordable repair.

Used in the following models:

EHE220, EHE350, EPM125, EPM175, EPM250, EPM325, EPM400, EPS125, EPS175, EPS250, EPS325, EPS400, ES125, ES175, ES250, ES325, ES400, ESC125, ESC175, ESC250, ESC325, ESC400, ESG125, ESG175, ESG250, ESG325, ESG400, ESII125, ESII175, ESII250, ESII325, ESII400, LD125, LD175, LD250, LD325, LD400, LG125, LG175, LG250, LG325, LG400, LLD125, LLD175, LLD250, LLD325, LLD400, LLG125, LLG175, LLG250, LLG325, LLG400, LT250, LT400, LX250, LX400