Jandy Thermocouple For Natural Gas Jandy Lite2 LG Heaters

Jandy Thermocouple For Natural Gas Jandy Lite2 LG Heaters




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Product description

Zodiac/Jandy Thermocouple For Natural Gas Landy Litez LG Heaters

For your heater to function at its best, it will require service each year and after a few years in use, parts of your pool heater may need repair or replacement. Zodiac and Jandy model pool heaters are among the most trusted and long-lasting because of their commitment to ensuring that these heaters are easy to repair. No matter the part you need, Zodiac can provide the replacement.

Installing the R0096700 Zodiac/Jandy Thermocouple

The R0096700 Zodiac/Jandy/Teledyne Laars Thermocouple provides an exact replacement for the existing part in Natural Gas Landy Litez LG Heaters. The thermocouple (or gas burner pilot) allows your heater to fire up safely and without failure.

With the right part you, a pool professional can quickly and easily make the change for a new thermocouple/gas burner pilot in your Zodiac/Jandy pool heater. Be sure the R0096700 is a fit for your existing equipment, and your pool heater will be up and running in no time.

Used in the following models:

ESG125N, ESG175N, ESG250N, ESG325N, ESG400N, LG125N, LG175N, LG250N, LG325N, LG400N, LLG125N, LLG175N, LLG250N, LLG325N, LLG400N