Outdoor Stack Kit for Raypak 266A Heaters

Outdoor Stack Kit for Raypak 266A Heaters




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Product description

009835 Outdoor Stack Kit for Raypak 266A and 267A Heaters

Raypak heaters are designed to function in tough outdoor conditions. But in Canada, some pools are situated in extremely windy areas. This can make having a pool heater very essential for enjoying a comfortable swim, but it can also represent a challenge for your heater.

Raypak has designed the 009835 Outdoor Stack Kit to assist Raypak 266A and 267A heaters in coping with high wind conditions.

Using the Raypak 009835 Outdoor Stack Kit

The 009835 Outdoor Stack/High-Wind Kit has been designed for use with Raypak 266A and 267A heaters. This kit contains everything you need to install your outdoor stack and prevent problems on windy days.

The 009835 Outdoor Stack kit includes everything needed for installation, including the draft hood, adapter plate, mounting brackets, top panel, metal tape, and screws.