Outdoor Stack Kit for Raypak 406A Heaters

Outdoor Stack Kit for Raypak 406A Heaters




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Product description

009837 Outdoor Stack Kit for Raypak 406A and 407A Heaters

Every Raypak pool and spa heater is designed with care, and intended to work outside even when the weather is windy or rainy. But in Canada, some pool owners live in places that are exposed to extreme winds. These conditions can make it absolutely essential that you have a heater to enjoy your pool, but can also make it challenging for you to keep your heater lit and running when the wind is too high.

Raypak has designed the 009837 Outdoor Stack Kit to make it easier for select Raypak heaters to function even in high-wind situations.

009837 Outdoor Stack Kit provides a solution for select Raypak heaters that operate in high-wind conditions. The 009837 Outdoor Stack Kit is suitable for use with Raypak 406A and 407A heaters only, and it is important that you ensure that the outdoor stack kit/high wind kit that you purchase is a fit for your existing heater.

The 009837 kit includes everything needed for installation, including the draft hood, adapter plate, mounting brackets, top panel, metal tape, and screws.