Pentair TA60D 24" Tagelus Sand Filter




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Product description


  1. Hi Flow Valve provides easy control of all filter functions
  2. Exceptionally strong one-piece fiberglass-reinforced tank with UV-resistant surface finish for years of service


The Tagelus filter's time-proven internal design ensures water is exposed to a maximum surface area of sand for optimal filtration performance and more efficient backwashing. Meanwhile, the flow system design also ensures maximum run times between backwashing to save you time.


The Tagelus filter tank is constructed from one piece of fiberglass-reinforced material to deliver unmatched strength and durability for years of service.

Pentair Tagelus(R) Top Mount Sand Filter with 2 Inch Valve

Effective Filtration Area: 3.1 sq-ft

Flow Rate: 60 gpm

Turnover Capacity: 8 hr - 28800 gal, 10 hr - 36000 gal, 12 hr - 43200 gal

All Sand Required: 325 lb

Maximum Continual Operating Pressure: 50 psi

24 Inch Diameter Tank

Maximum Operating Water Temperature (Internal Filter): 104 deg F, Fiberglass Reinforced Tank