Pentair 474972 MasterTemp 125 Manifold Kit

Pentair 474972 MasterTemp 125 Manifold Kit




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Product description

Pentair 474972 MasterTemp 125 Manifold Kit

Within your pool heater, there are many components that are designed to ensure that water moves through your heater as intended. The manifold in your MasterTemp heater is under a lot of strain when your pool heater is in operation, exposed to moisture, high flow, and varying temperatures.

When the manifold in your Pentair MasterTemp heater is damaged, leaking water and a loss of pressure mean your heater won't be usable until you make a repair.

Using the Pentair 474972 MasterTemp 125 Manifold Kit

The Pentair 474972 MasterTemp Manifold replacement kit is designed for use on MasterTemp 125 heaters by Pentair. This essential part can extend the lifespan of your heater by years, repairing winter damage and keeping your heater in efficient operating order.

Every Pentair heater requires a unique manifold to suit individual design, and it is important that you order a manifold that fits your existing heater. With the right parts on hand, you can easily get your MasterTemp heater back up and running with the Pentair 474972 manifold kit.

Includes: Coil/Tubesheet Sealing O-Ring Kit, Bottom Plate, Baffle Plate, Bypass Valve, 5/16 Inch Stainless Steel Washer, Hex Cap Screw

Doesn't Include: Water Pressure Switch, Pressure Relief Valve