Pentair Conversion Kit LP-NAT 200K

Pentair Conversion Kit LP-NAT 200K




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Product description

Pentair 77707-1431 Conversion Kit LP-NAT 200K

Most pool heaters are powered by either propane or natural gas. Which fuel you use generally depends on the setup of your pool, the cost of installing a natural gas line, and the available utilities in your area. In new homes, pool owners sometimes make the choice to use propane, later discovering that they would prefer to power with natural gas.

Pentair has a commitment to ensuring their pool heaters are flexible and serviceable, and they have made it easy to change your heater from natural gas to propane without having to purchase and install an entirely new unit.

Using the 77707-1431 Pentair Conversion Kit (Propane to Natural Gas)

The 77707-1431 Pentair Conversion Kit has been designed to allow pool owners the flexibility to move from propane to natural gas as their fuel source. This kit contains everything needed (including o-rings and sealant) to complete the job of moving from propane to natural gas.

For any pool heating professional, using this kit to make the change to propane is easy and simple, and can usually be completed within one or two service calls. Keep in mind that the kit required to convert from propane to natural gas is different for each and every pool heater, and you'll want to be sure the 77707-1431 kit matches your existing heater before you buy!