Pentair Electrode Assembly with wire

Pentair Electrode Assembly with wire




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Product description

Pentair Electrode Assembly

In your Pentair pool or spa heater, there are many different parts that work together to make sure that you can enjoy heated water safely and efficiently. The electrodes within your heater allow you to provide power safely, and to monitor the status of your heating.

If an electrode in your unit has been overheated or has faced damage after years of operation, you are in luck. Pentair provides manufacturer-direct replacement parts that can keep your pool or spa heater in operation for years.

Using the 075461 Pentair Electrode Assembly

The 075461 Pentair Electrode Assembly has been designed to provide replacement and repair for Pentair MiniMax pool and spa heaters. With an experienced pool technician, installing a new electrode is a service call that can be completed in moments, leaving you the time to get back to enjoying the pool.