Pentair Replacement Power Element

Pentair Replacement Power Element




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Product description

Pentair Power Element Replacement

A pool heater with compromised power flow isn't very much use to anyone each summer. If your pool heater has stopped working and you've found that a damaged power element may be to blame, you'll be happy to know that it is easy to make a repair to Pentair pool and spa heaters.

Pentair stands by their heaters, providing replacement parts that match the quality and demands of Pentair pool heaters.

Installing the 470178 Pentair Power Element Replacement

The 470178 Pentair Power Element is designed to replace the original element on MiniMax CH and Plus heaters. This small part is responsible for ensuring your heater can be powered correctly, and it is essential that when you make a repair, that you use genuine and original Pentair parts.

Review your heater setup to be sure that the 470178 Pentair Power Element is the appropriate replacement for the damaged element on your Pentair pool or spa heater. With a few minutes of work, you can have your heater back up and running as though there was never any problem to begin with.