Pentair 075458 Gas Valve Propane Millivolt




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Product description

Pentair Gas Valve for Propane MiniMax Plus & CH heaters

If you've been experiencing problems with your pool or spa heater and you've found that the gas valve is to blame, the good news for Pentair heater owners is that replacing the original gas valve on MiniMax heaters is a fast and affordable repair.

The 075458 Pentair Gas Valve has been designed to replace the original propane gas valve on Propane MiniMax Plus and CH heaters. It is important that you select a gas valve that is intended for use on the heater that you have at home. Each and every Pentair pool and spa heater requires a unique gas valve to function safely, and propane and natural gas heaters also have seperate requirements.

Be sure that the 075458 Pentair Gas Valve is a match for your existing MiniMax heater, and you'll be able to enjoy warm water after a quick visit from a pool heating technician.