Pentair Header Main Assy




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Product description

Pentair Header Main Assembly

The heater within a pool heater is a very essential part, directing the flow of water back and forth through the heater as needed, while protecting essential components from leaks. Over time, the heater is exposed to heavy water flow, unbalanced pool chemicals, and fluctuating temperatures. Over the life of your heater, this can lead to damage.

Conveniently, if you have a Pentair pool heater, you can rely on your manufacturer to provide you with the replacement header you need to get your heater running like new.

The 471992 Pentair Header Main Assembly is designed to replace the header on MiniMax pool and spa heaters. Every Pentair heater requires a different header assembly, so you'll need to be sure that you have a MiniMax heater at home for the 471992 Pentair Header Main Assembly to get your heater running again.