Pentair Basic Control Board Kit

Pentair Basic Control Board Kit - NO LONGER AVAILABLE - Replaced by 461105




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Product description

Pentair/Sta-Rite 42002-0007S Basic Control Board Kit

Every Sta-Rite pool heater contains a series of complex parts that work in tandem to provide the perfect pool heating experience. But, none of these elements can be coordinated if your control board isn't functioning. A damaged control board can stop your heater from functioning altogether, and many pool owners fear that their heater is damaged beyond repair when their control board is damaged.

Conveniently, Pentair has designed all Sta-Rite heaters with an easy to replace control board. If your MasterTemp or Max-E-Therm pool or spa heater has been damaged by use or time in the sun, the 42002-0007S Pentair/Sta-Rite Kit Control Board provides a perfectly-fit replacement that will get your heater running again.

Installing the 42002-0007S Pentair/Sta-Rite Control Board Kit

When the control board is broken in a pool heater, it may seem that the heater is entirely non-functional. If you've diagnosed an issue with the control board in your MasterTemp or Max-E-Therm heater, the 42002-0007S control board is a part that is simple for a pool technician to install. Many intrepid pool owners have also managed to make this replacement on their own (but you should be cautious about the impact on your part's warranty).

If your control board has been damaged and in need of replacement, be sure that the 42002-0007S is a fit for your current model to get your heater functioning again with a fast and easy repair.