Pentair Manifold Kit 333K

Pentair Manifold Kit 333K




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Product description

Pentair Manifold Kit 333K

If you have an excellent pool or spa heater, you don't have to give too much thought to how it works. But, when your heater is broken down or in need of service, you'll quickly learn how many complex components make up your heating system. The manifold is an essential part of your heater, sized specifically to the needs of your pool and distributing gas as needed to power your burners. Over time, exposure to moisture, extreme temperatures, and unbalanced pool chemicals can allow your manifold to corrode, and if this happens, you'll need a replacement.

The 77707-0015 Pentair Manifold Kit (For 333K rated heaters)

The 77707-0015 Pentair Manifold Kit is designed to provide a replacement for manifolds on the Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm Heater (Model 333K) and the Pentair MasterTemp heater (Model 300 BTU). When it comes to manifolds, size matters, and it is very important that you select the correct manifold to match your heater.

Be sure the 77707-0015 Pentair Manifold Kit is a match for your existing heater, and your pool heating technician will be able to get your heater fired up and running with a fast and straightforward service call.