Pentair 461061 MasterTemp Above Ground Propane Pool Heater 125k BTU

Pentair 461061 MasterTemp Above Ground Propane Pool Heater 125k BTU




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Product description

Pentair 461061 Mastertemp 125k BTU Propane Above Ground Pool Heater

Having your own pool is the ultimate luxury. Creating a place where you and your family can enjoy the outdoors every day of the summer is a wonderful way to encourage bonding, and encouraging your family members to stay active. But in Canada, the summer season can be disappointingly short, making it seem barely worthwhile to put so much effort into your pool.

When you add a new heater to your pool setup, you're able to take more control over the length of the swimming season, and how often your family is able to use the pool. It can be a challenge to find the right heater for your above ground pool, with many low-quality options available on the market. With the Pentair Mastertemp heater, you can rely on quality heating for your pool each and every day of the swimming season.

Why choose the Aboveground Pentair Propane Heater?

When it comes time to buy a new heater for your pool, the decision can be stressful. With the Pentair propane heater, you have access to a heater that contains all of the design elements and high-quality parts as a more expensive heater, at a fraction of the cost. With a propane power source, this heater is a wonderful choice for anyone who is low on backyard space, or anyone who is unable to connect a natural gas line for their heating.

With an incredible 82% efficiency rating, the Pentair propane heater can provide you with powerful and fast water heating without high propane costs. Of any comparable above ground heater, the Pentair MasterTemp has been rated the most efficient.

The rotating digital display on the MasterTemp heater makes it a favorite among pool owners. Easy to control and easy to monitor, you can quickly make adjustments to your temperature or see if your heater needs service with just a glance.

Affordable and Reliable Above Ground Pool Heating

If you're looking for a reliable heater for your above ground pool, look no further. Fast, easy to use, and efficient, the Pentair Mastertemp heater provides the best in pool heating performance for above ground pools, with a convenient propane option. If you're looking for a way to enjoy the pool more this summer, be sure to consider the Pentair Mastertemp to make your pool more comfortable and enjoyable.


  • 82% energy efficiency is highest in its class
  • High-performance, affordable heating with premium features
  • 1-1/2" plumbing - ideal for smaller bodies of water up to 15,000 gallons
  • Pre-mixed combustion technology for ultra-fast heat-up
  • Rotating digital display - the first in its price category - provides fast, easy access for programming and monitoring
  • Certified for low NOx emissions
  • Certified for outdoor and indoor- vented installations
  • 5' foot/ 3 Prong/ 120V Plug

Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Year