Pentair O-ring Adapter

Pentair O-ring Adapter




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Product description

Pentair Adapter O-ring Replacement

Anyone who has ever operated their own pool and spa knows about the importance of tight fitting seals. To ensure that your Pentair appliances function at their best, it is important that you have the correct o-rings in place to form a tight seal. These small but essential parts ensure that water pressure is maintained, and that water never gets where it isn't supposed to.

Pentair provides replacement parts and o-rings for all of their equipment, including heaters for pools and spas. The 274494 Pentair Adapter O-ring Replacement is designed to replace the adapter o-ring on many Pentair appliance models, including the Nautilus and Nautilus Plus D.E., the TR100C and TR140C, the Triton II, Triton C and the Triton C-3.

This small o-ring is perfectly designed to fill Pentair niches, and ensure a tight seal and excellent performance.