Pentair Pilot MMX for Millivolt Heaters

Pentair Pilot MMX for Millivolt Heaters




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Product description

Pentair 471292 Pilot MMX for Millivolt Heaters

Pentair pool and spa heaters have a reputation for long-lasting and efficient service. Part of this reputation is due to Pentair's commitment to creating heaters that are serviceable over time. If your Pentair heater has trouble firing up and you've discovered that you're in need of a new pilot assembly, you can rely on Pentair to provide you with manufacturer-original parts to get your heater repaired.

The 471292 Pentair Pilot is designed for use on Pentair Minimax pool heaters. With a quick service call, you can easily replace a pilot that has worn out or been damaged during a tough winter season.

Used in:

  • Pentair Minimax CH Natural Gas Millivolt Heaters 
  • Pentair Minimax CH, 150 IID Millivolt Heaters
  • Pentair Minimax CH 75 and 100 Millivolt Heaters