Pentair Potentiometer Replacement For MiniMax Heaters




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Product description

Pentair Potentiometer Replacement For MiniMax Heaters

In your pool or spa heater, there are many different parts, switches, and sensors that are added to ensure that your pool is heated safely. After all, your heater does bring together heat, gas, and water - all elements that can be hugely dangerous without the proper safety features in place. The potentiometer in your pool heater ensures that the electrical current being used is safe and appropriate for your heater's needs.

If your Pentair pool or spa is having trouble firing up, or shuts down as soon as you turn on the power, it is possible that you're in need of a new potentiometer.

The 471678 Pentair Potentiometer has been designed to provide an exact, manufacturer-direct replacement for the original part in MiniMax CH & Plus Heaters. For a very affordable price, you'll be able to get your heater running again with the reassurance that your home and family are protected.