Pentair 188594 DE Quad Cartridge Pool Filter, 100 Sq. Ft




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Product description

The Crystal Clarity of D.E. with Cartridge Convenience

Diatomaceous earth (D.E.) filters have always been recognized for providing the cleanest pool water. Plus, cartridge filters are popular for their convenience and easy cleaning features. Now Pentair has found a way to bring you the best of both. The Quad D.E. filter features four easily accessible and removable D.E. cartridges. When water passes through these cartridges, microscopic impurities like dirt, algae and some forms of bacteria are filtered out, giving you water that really sparkles. The fourcartridge design greatly increases the filter's internal surface area, meaning much greater cleaning capacity per cycle without an increase in canister size.

And cleaning couldn't be easier. In fact, you have three options"¦ backwash and recharge like a traditional D.E. filter, remove and rinse off the cartridges, or simply remove the lid, leave the cartridges in place, open the drain plug and rinse.

  • Four large-capacity cartridges provide maximum filter surface area for greater dirt-trapping capacity.
  • Innovative internal flow path ensures optimum filtration and backwashing efficiency.
  • Easily removable cartridge elements to simplify maintenance and save you time.

An Eco Select® Brand Product

The Eco Select brand identifies our "greenest" and most efficient equipment choices. Water flows very efficiently through Quad D.E. filters, which may allow the use of smaller pumps or lower pump speeds to minimize energy use. And when you rinse cartridges rather than backwash, you can significantly reduce water use, too.

As the global leader in pool and spa equipment manufacturing, we strive to provide greener choices for our customers. We hope you'll join us in embracing more eco-friendly poolscapes by choosing Eco Select brand products for your swimming pool.

The Highest Water Clarity with the Lowest Amount of Fuss

The Quad D.E. filter combination of diatomaceous earth (D.E.) and cartridge element convenience means better performance and superior water clarity. Because D.E. removes the tiniest of contaminants" "particles as small as five microns" "you can count on clean, crystal-clear water for years to come.

  • Manual air relief valve and continuous internal air relief work together to maintain efficient filtration.
  • Durable 8-oz. woven polypropylene cartridge media have super-slick surfaces, making them easier to clean than conventional cartridge filters.
  • Attractive almond-colored tank blends into any backyard environment.