Sta-Rite P6EA6E36-205 MAX-E-PRO Inground Pool Pump, 1 HP

Sta-Rite P6EA6E36-205 MAX-E-PRO Inground Pool Pump, 1 HP




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Product description

Sta-Rite 1HP MAX-E-PRO Inground Pool Pump

There is nothing more relaxing and luxurious than a beautiful inground pool, and keeping the water clean and clear is a job that requires a powerful and reliable pump. Pentair is one of the most trusted names in water pumping for Canadian pool owners, and the Pentair Max-E-Pro pool pump provides some of the most powerful and efficient pumping capabilities that Pentair offers.

If you're in the market for a new pool pump, it is very important to consider more than the initial price of your pump. The pump you choose can have an impact on the functionality of your pool, and the price it costs to operate for years to come.

Why choose a Pentair pool pump?

There are many new and emerging restrictions on the way pools need to be operated, and the type of pool equipment that you use in your backyard. New requirements within cities across Canada mean that pool owners have to be more vigilant in ensuring that their pool equipment meets environmental standards. If you're purchasing a new pool pump, you can get ahead of these emerging regulations by ensuring that you purchase a modern pool pump that is friendly to the local environment.

This Pentair pool pump is one of the few residential pumps that offers affordable 3-phase pumping for pool owners. This incredible pump provides you with all of the circulation and flow that you need to keep your pool shining, while drawing significantly less energy. The Max-E-Pro is also incredibly easy to plumb in to your pool equipment, with both internal and external connection threading. This makes the Pentair Max-E-Pro an excellent choice to replace an old pump, or to choose for your newly-built pool.

Powerful and Reliable Performance with Max-E-Pro

The Pentair Max-E-Pro pool pump is the perfect choice for inground pool owners who are looking for a pump that is both environmentally-friendly and effective. This Pentair pool pump is ahead of the curve, prepared to handle changing residential restrictions on pool equipment.

Easy to install, easy to use, and incredibly affordable to operate - inground pool owners can't go wrong with this Max-E-Pro pool pump from Pentair.


  • Typical Installation - Inground pools, pool/spa combinations, inground spas, fountains and water features
  • Self-priming - Suction lift up to 15 ft. above water level
  • Easy-to-Install - 2 in. ports include external and internal threads for more plumbing options
  • Superior Hydraulic Design - Moves larger volumes of water, resulting in lower operating costs
  • Impeller Manufactured with PPO Resin - Withstands the toughest water environments
  • Fluoroelastomer Rubber Shaft Seal - Longer-lasting seal stands up to the harshest environments
  • Self-lubricating Lid O-ring - Does not require lubricant