Pentair 342002 Superflo VS Variable Speed Pump




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Product description

Pentair Superflo VS Variable Speed Pump

As our view of the environment changes, many municipalities are updating their local rules and regulations surrounding pools and pool equipment. Many limits have been placed on the flow, energy draw, and energy efficiency of pool equipment. Pentair has long been a leader in swimming pool pump design and manufacturing, and have created the Superflo VS to ensure their customers still had access to quality.

Anyone who is living in an area with stringent regulations, or who is looking to prepare for shifting environmental standards in their area will be happy to find the Pentair pool pump. Without compromising on performance, longevity, or design, Pentair has created a variable speed pump that will exceed regulations in almost any municipality.

Why choose the Pentair Superflo Swimming Pool Pump?

When it comes to setups and the regulations surrounding pools, by-laws are changing quickly in many areas. These changes, though good for the environment, can make it difficult to update and retrofit existing pool setups to ensure they function correctly, and meet new standards. The Pentair pool pump powers swmming pools over North America, and are the first company that has stepped up to resolve this problem for pool owners.

Efficient and Powerful Pump Performance

Operating your pool with a lower rate of flow can allow you to use fewer pool chemicals more efficiently, as less is lost to evaporation. One of the best features of this new Pentair pool pump is the built-in diagnostic function that can help you identify and repair any problems before they turn into expensive issues.

With the Superflo and Intelliflo series, Pentair pool pumps have been elevated to a new level of performance and efficient operation that exceeds every industry standard. As regulations change and pool setup standards continue to develop, the Pentair Superflo VS is one of the few inground pool pumps that can be relied on through any local changes.

Take advantage of new technologies with the new affordable SuperFlo VS Variable Speed pump and enjoy up to 80% in energy savings! Pentair pioneered the variable speed pump technology and remains the industry leader in variable speed pumps. With premium features like a 24-hour real-time clock and an intuitive interface that lets you monitor watts and RPMs, Superflo VS is a breeze to operate or even program!

At only a moderately higher cost than conventional pumps, SuperFlo VS is guaranteed to pay for itself many times over while you enjoy the energy savings for years while using this pump. No other brand can match Pentair SuperFlo's performance and reliability when it comes to variable speed pumps, so you can count on years of long and dependable service.


  • Pumps manufactured after December 2020 can be connected to an automation system with cable kit 356324Z (Sold Separately)
  • Pentair SuperFlo is the only variable speed pump on the market today with 115/208-230V and 50/60 Hz single phase capability.
  • Operating nominal voltage range is 110V thru 230V.
  • Ideal for standard pools requiring up to 1.5 hp pump.
  • Three operating speed settings plus override capability.
  • Direct... and superior drop-in replacement for the Hayward® SuperPump®. No-hassle upgrade for your typical single-speed pump!
  • An Eco Select® Brand product: one of Pentair's "greenest" and most efficient choices.
  • Unions Included