Pentair Switch Membrane Replcmnt

Pentair Switch Membrane Replacement




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Product description

Pentair/Sta-rite Switch Membrane Replacement

There are a lot of components involved in ensuring your spa functions properly, and most of them are directed by the control panel on your spa. After years of use, the control panel is exposed to moisture, sun, and cold weather, and may need a replacement. Conveniently, all Pentair/Sta-Rite brand spa heaters are designed to be serviceable with genuine Pentair parts.

If the control panel on your Max-E-Therm heater has a few buttons that have stopped working or if it has stopped working entirely, chances are you will need a replacement switch membrane. The 42002-0029Z Pentair/Sta-rite Switch Membrane Replacement is suitable for use on Max-E-Therm pool and spa heating systems, and makes for a quick and easy repair for a pool professional. Many DIY pool owners successfully make this repair themselves, but you should take note that this may void the warranty on your existing heater.

The controls on your heater are essential to enjoying a comfortable pool or spa experience. If you're in need of a new switch membrane replacement, be sure that the 42002-0029Z Pentair/Sta-rite fits your existing heater for a fast and effective fix.