Pentair Transformer for SVC

Pentair Transformer for SVC




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Product description

42001-0057S Pentair Transformer for SVC

Pentair heaters are designed to work well under difficult conditions. But, after a few years of service, every pool heater will need some form of cleaning, service, or repair to keep functioning at its best. The 42001-0057S Pentair Transformer has been designed to offer a replacement for the original transformer included with MasterTemp and Max-E-Therm pool heaters. This manufacturer-direct part ensures that you can fix your heater in a way that is affordable, safe, and environmentally-responsible.

The 42001-0057S Pentair Transformer ensures that the power in your heater is handled and reduced safely. The transformer can often be damaged after a particularly difficult winter or after a problem with your power supply.

If you've diagnosed a problem with the transformer in your Pentair heater, keep in mind that every Pentair model requires a unique and specific transformer to function. Be sure that the 42001-0057S Pentair Transformer is a match for your Mastertemp or Max-E-Therm pool or spa heater, and you'll be set to enjoy another comfortable season in the water.