Pentair Heat Exchanger for 250K HD Models

Pentair Heat Exchanger for 250K HD Models




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Product description

Pentair 474063 Cupro Nickel Heat Exchanger, 250K HD Models

Over time, every pool heater will need some form of repair or service to continue running. Pool owners who use a Pentair pool heater will be happy to know that Pentair has a commitment to ensuring that their heaters are high-quality, and long-lasting. As part of this guarantee, Pentair ensures that replacement parts are available when customers need them.

One of the most central components of your Pentair pool heater is the heat exchanger. If you've found that your heater needs a replacement to keep running, Pentair can provide the part you need.

The Pentair 474063 Cupro Nickel Heat Exchanger has been designed to replace the existing heat exchanger that come standard on 250K HD Models. With the support of a pool heating technician, it is an easy task to replace a damaged heat exchanger, and get a Pentair heater running again with a replacement.

Be sure to check your existing Pentair heater to be sure that the 474063 heat exchanger is the part you need to enjoy another warm and comfortable summer.