Pentair Pressure Switch




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Product description

Pentair Pressure Switch

Your Pentair pool heater requires a certain amount of water flow to function properly. Your heater has been designed to heat when water is present in the tank and without it, the temperature can quickly climb, creating a risk of damage to your heater and your home. Pentair guards against this problem by including a pressure switch in their pool and spa heaters. This switch ensures that adequate water flow is present when your heater is in use, signalling your heater to shut down if there is a flow failure.

When the pressure switch fails, you might receive an error code that prevents your heater from firing up even when water flow is present.

The 471097 Pentair Pressure Switch

The 471097 Pentair Pressure Switch has been designed to replace the original part on Pentair MiniMax pool and spa heaters (models 75 and 100 only). This small component is affordable, straight from the manufacturer, and incredibly easy to install.

If you're in need of a new pressure switch to get your heater running, it is important that you locate a pressure switch that matches your existing heater to get your system running again. Be sure that you have a MiniMax 75 or MiniMax 100 pool or spa heater at home and the 471097 Pentair Pressure Switch will have you ready to enjoy another warm and comfortable swimming season.