Raypak Electronic Ignition For P130 Heater

Raypak Electronic Ignition For P130 Heater




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Product description

Raypak Electronic Ignition For P130 Heater

A pool or spa heater contains a huge number of parts and systems that come together to create pool water that is perfectly heated. But, when a component of your heater has been damaged, these systems can't function together accurately. A pool heater that has a damaged ignition control will not be able to spark, and won't do you or your family much good this summer.

Raypak is a company that has dedicated themselves to providing great pool heating experiences to their customers, and this service extends beyond your initial warranty. Raypak provides exact, original parts to make repairs and service for Raypak heaters easy, and effective.

Using the 011606F Raypak Electronic Ignition (for P130 Heaters)

If the ignition control has failed on your heater, you likely can't get it started at all. If your pool professional has diagnosed the need for a new ignition control, the 011606F Raypak Electronic Ignition is the perfect choice for anyone who has a P130 model Raypak to repair.

This simple but important part is one that can be replaced and repaired after a quick service call. To get your heater back in action as quickly as possible, check that the 011606F is the right part for your Raypak heater for a fast and easy fix.