Raypak Flange Inlet/Outlet 2" NPT (Pair)

Raypak Flange Inlet/Outlet 2" NPT (Pair)




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Product description

Raypak Flange Inlet/Outlet 2" NPT (Pair)

For your Raypak pool heater to work safely and efficiently, it is important that every part of your heater is working properly. As any pool owner knows, even the smallest leaks or cracks in equipment can lead to bigger problems over time, and if you've found that any of the seals or flanges on your pool are in need of replacement, it is important that you find the right replacement.

Raypak makes sure that their customers have access to manufacturer-made replacements for every part of their pool heaters.

Using the 003766F Raypak Flange Inlet/Outlet

The 003766F Raypak Flange has been designed for inlets and outlets in Raypak heaters with bronze or cast iron headers. This kit includes everything you'll need to make a full replacement to your inlet or outlet flange, including two 062236B flange gaskets, two 800080B Flange Gaskets, two Cast Iron Inlet/Outlet Flanges and four flange bolts to complete the assembly.

If you're looking for a full replacement for one or both of your inlet/outlet headers - this kit contains many of the smaller parts that are also sold separately, making this repair more affordable and convenient.