Raypak Heat Exchanger Complete For P130 Heater

Raypak Heat Exchanger Complete For P130 Heater




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Product description

011592F Heat Exchanger For P130 Heater By Raypak

The heat exchanger in your pool heater is one of the most essential components, transferring the energy your heater receives into warm, comforting pool water. Over time, your heat exchanger can become damaged through corrosion and extreme temperatures. When that happens, you face the choice of replacing the heat exchanger, or investing in a whole new heater system. If the rest of your heater is in good shape, putting in a new heat exchanger can be a much more affordable and environmentally-friendly option.

Raypak heaters are designed to be repairable and long-lasting, and the 001592F is the heat exchanger you need if you have a Raypak P-R130A or WHG-130A heater.

The 011592F Raypak Heat Exchanger is designed to provide a complete, and perfectly matching replacement for the existing heat exchanger in your existing P130 or WHG-130A heater. For any pool professional, it is easy to change out the heat exchanger for a replacement, if they have the right parts in hand.

Each and every heater is designed with a different heat exchanger that is suited to the size, design, and materials in your specific model. If you're in need of a new heat exchanger for your Raypak heater, be sure the 011592F is the right fit for your model, and you'll have a heater that works like new once your installation is complete.