Raypak Heat Exchanger Copper P-R206A, P-R207A

Raypak Heat Exchanger Copper P-R206A, P-R207A




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Product description

Raypak Heat Exchanger/Tube Bundle Copper P-R206A, P-R207A

The heat exchanger in your Raypak pool heater is an essential component, allowing your heater to change produced heat into comforting, warm water for your pool. A broken heat exchanger will leave your heater out of commission. But luckily, with Raypak, you can easily choose and install a replacement heat exchanger.

If you've had some trouble with your pool heater, there are a few symptoms that can give you an idea of whether your heat exchanger has been damaged. If your heater is leaking water, or putting rust out into your pool, it may be an indicator that your heat exchanger is cracked or broken. Luckily, this Raypak Heat Exchanger/Tube Bundle can replace the existing exchanger in the P-R206A and P-R207A Raypak models, at a much lower cost then replacing your entire heater.

Diagnosing a broken heat exchanger might be tricky to do if you're not familiar with the components of your pool heater, and you may want to call in a professional to help you determine exactly what the cause of your malfunction is. If you've discovered that your heat exchanger needs to be replaced, make note of your Raypak heater model number. Raypak has made it easy to track down the replacement part, so you can get back to comfortable swimming, more quickly.