Raypak Heat Exchanger Cupro Nickel P-R265B,P-R265A, P-R266A,P-R267A

Raypak Heat Exchanger Cupro Nickel P-R265B,P-R265A, P-R266A,P-R267A




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Product description

Raypak Cupro Nickel Heat Exchanger/Tube Bundle

When your heat exchanger is damaged, corroded or worn out, you may find that your heater is leaking, producing corrosive elements into your pool water, or preventing your heater from functioning at all.

The Raypak Heat Exchanger/Tube Bundle Kit is a replacement for the heat exchanger in Raypak heaters manufactured with a cupro-nickel heat exchanger. This kit does not contain front and rear headers (which must be purchased separately.

The 010365F Raypak Heat Exchanger/Tube Bundle is a suitable replacement for the following models:

  • RP2100-P-R265B
  • RP2100-P-R265A
  • P-R265A
  • P-R266A
  • P-R265B
  • P-R267A

Installing the Raypak 010365F Heat Exchanger/Tube Bundle

Installing a new Heat Exchanger/Tube bundle for your Raypak heater is not something that you'll want to do on your own. This expensive, essential piece of pool equipment should be replaced by a pool heating professional, who can be sure that your heater is repaired and good as new. This long-lasting, corrosion resistant cupro-nickel heat exchanger will provide you with warm heating for many seasons to come.