Raypak High Limit Switch 135F

Raypak High Limit Switch 135F




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Product description

Raypak High Limit Switch 135F

For your pool heater to be safe to operate around your home, friends, and family, there are a number of safety mechanisms built-in. These mechanisms protect your heater from damage, and ensure that all systems are functioning adequately and safely. A pool heater needs to operate within a certain temperature range for normal functioning, and the high-limit switch is included to make sure that temperatures don't reach dangerous heights when your heater is in operation.

If your high-limit switch is in need of replacement, you may be facing a situation where your heater won't turn on at all.

It is important to note that temperature switches differ between heater models. If you're in the market for a replacement high-limit switch, be sure the 600892B is a match for the heater that you have at home for a repair that gets your heater running like new.