Raypak LCD Display for RP2100 Series

Raypak LCD Display for RP2100 Series




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Product description

Raypak 013640F LCD Display

A pool heater that runs smoothly is a pool owner's dream. But, for some people, the output of their pool heater and temperature of their pool water remains a mystery after the LCD on their Raypak heater has broken down. Over years of use, the LCD display on any pool heater will be exposed to the sun, moisture, and harsh pool chemicals, which can cause your display to stop functioning.

If you've missed the ability to read the status of your pool and heater at a glance, you'll be happy to know that replacements are available for Raypak pool heaters.

Using the Raypak 013640F LCD Display

The Raypak 013640F LCD Display has been designed to provide a full replacement for the LCD Displays on Raypak RP2100 heaters (that were manufactured after 2011). This small and affordable part can bring your LCD display back to life with a fast and easy repair.

There is one thing to keep in mind for RP2100 Raypak heater owners. The 013640F Raypak 013640F LCD Display is a match only for RP2100 heaters that were manufactured after 2011. If you're in need of a new display for an older Raypak model, the 013640F display may not be the right fit for your heater.