Raypak P-R264A-EN-C AVIA Natural Gas Heater w/ Wi-Fi, 264k BTU




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Product description

Managing your pool heater has never been easier or smarter. Raypak AVIA pool heater is built with an innovative Wi-Fi-enabled control system that allows you to manage your pool heater and ecosystem through its easy-to-use touch-control interface. No need for a separate control panel to manage your pool heater and ecosystem, AVIA does it All.

Product Features

Smart Heater Control
Smart heater built right into the AVIA. Enables you to automate and manage your pool temperature.



Smart Scheduling
AVIA heats and learns the size of your pool and will let you know when your pool is ready for your set temperature.



Smart Operation Manager
Enables you to manage your heater, one accessory, and scheduling.



Integrated Wi-Fi
Provides a smart connection for real-time service alerts & control from anywhere.



Raymote™ Temperature and Heater Control
Raymote Mobile App allows you on-the-go control of your pool temperature and more.



ProTek Shield™
Is a cutting-edge module that protects the heat exchanger from corrosion, prolonging the life of the AVIA pool heater.



Small and Easy to Install
AVIA weighs under 140 pounds and has a base foot print of 2’x2’ making it an ideal install on a standard equipment pad.



Installation Versatility

 AVIA’s top with control panel can be rotated on 3 sides giving you more installation options.

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