Raypak Pressure Switch For Versa Heaters

Raypak Pressure Switch For Versa Heaters




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Product description

Raypak Pressure Switch For Versa Heaters

The best-case scenario for a pool heater is to be able to turn it on and trust it to warm your water to the perfect temperature. For your heater to function properly, it is important that it have the right waterflow in place - preventing overheating and damage to your equipment. The pressure switch is responsible for ensuring that flow to your heater is consistent, signalling your heater to shut down if water isn't present. Without the pressure switch, you run the risk of damage or breakdown in your heater if it runs without flow.

If you've discovered that your pressure switch is in need of replacement, we can provide you with the part you need.

The 062237B Raypak Pressure Switch has been designed to provide an affordable and functional replacement for the original pressure switches on Versa Heaters. Changing out a damaged pressure switch is an easy repair that many people can do themselves, and a pool professional can also complete this repair quickly.

Each Raypak heater is designed with a different pressure switch, and it is important that you make sure that the part you order matches the heater you have now. Note that the 062237B fits a number of Raypak models, so be sure your is a match!