Raypak Pressure Switch Kit

Raypak Pressure Switch Kit



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Product description

Raypak Pressure Switch Kit

Your pool heater needs water flow and adequate pressure to function correctly, and the pressure switch is included in your Raypak heater to ensure that if there is a problem with your pump or waterflow, that there is no expensive or extensive damage to your pool heater when your other equipment fails.

If your pressure switch has been damaged, your heater may display an error code, letting you know which part is in need of replacement. But, if your pressure switch is just starting to corrode or show problems, it may take the help of a pool professional to ensure you diagnose the replacement part that you need.

Installing the 006737F Raypak Pressure Switch Kit

The 006737F Raypak Pressure Switch Kit has been designed for use on older Raypak heaters, providing for a fast and affordable repair. The 006737F Raypak Pressure Switch Kit is something that a pool professional can install for you very quickly and easily. But, for any experienced pool owner, changing out a pressure switch is also something you might be able to take on yourself (though you should be cautious, as it may impact the warranty on your existing heater).

When it comes to changing out a defective pressure switch, the hardest part is making the diagnosis. Check your existing heater and model to be sure that the 006737F Raypak Pressure Switch Kit is the part you need, and your pool heater will be performing like new after a quick repair.