Raypak Sensor Well Assembly (Well Sleeve & ADP)




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Product description

Raypak Sensor Well Assembly (Well Sleeve & ADP)

In any pool or spa heater, the ability to accurately detect temperature is important to ensuring safe operation of your equipment. The temperature sensor is there to turn off your heater if temperatures get too high, or if your water has reached the desired level.

In your Raypak pool heater, the sensor well protects and houses the temperature sensor, allowing your heater to accurately detect the temperature each moment your heater is in use. If your temperature sensor well is damaged, you'll need to find a replacement to ensure your sensor works correctly.

Using the 003765F Raypak Sensor Well Assembly

The 003765F Raypak Sensor Well Assembly includes everything that a pool technician will need to replace a damaged sensor well, and get your heater running again. This kit includes the well sleeve and ADP, and provides an exact replacement for your existing well.

Each pool heater has different requirements for temperature sensors and sensor wells, and it is very important that before you buy, you make sure that the 003765F Raypak Sensor Well Assembly is the right fit for your heater. Once you have the right part in hand, making this repair is an easy one.