Raypak Switch/Decal-Membrane




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Product description

Raypak 009492F Switch/Decal-Membrane

Over time, your pool heater is exposed to a lot of wear and tear. Exposure to moisture, pool chemicals, and the harsh summer sun can deteriorate the external membrane, making it impossible to read temperature or control the function of your pool heater.

Conveniently, Raypak provides a replacement part that can allow you to make a fast and affordable repair that will allow you to control your heater once again.

The 009492F Raypak Switch/Decal-Membrane has been designed to replace the external membrane on Raypak heaters with a digital display (but note that this membrane does not fit every model of Raypak heater). This simple part can easily be installed in minutes, allowing you to control and read information from your heater again.

For a simple repair that saves you time and money, consult your heater manual to be sure that the 009492F Raypak Switch/Decal-Membrane is a fit for your existing equipment.