Raypak Temperature Sensor IID 185B-405B, 206-407 KIT

Raypak Temperature Sensor IID 185B-405B, 206-407 KIT




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Product description

Raypak Temperature Sensor IID KIT

The temperature sensor in your heater plays an essential role in making sure your heater works properly, and that your pool water is comfortable. When your Raypak temperature sensor has malfunctioned or ceased to work, your heater will have trouble functioning. You may face the problem of having your heater run above your desired temperature, or an inability to run your heater at all.

Though your Raypak temperature sensor is a relatively minor part of your pool heater, it impacts many of the other parts of your equipment. Your temperature sensor guides your heater, prompting it to turn on and off, and protecting vital components from overheating through excessive operation.

If you've been facing problems with your pool heater and have determined that your Raypak temperature sensor needs to be replaced, you're in luck! This component is one of the most affordable and easy to replace parts of your Raypak pool heater. With a simple installation, your pool heater will be up and running in no time.

Having a pool heater is one of the best ways to make your pool more comfortable and enjoyable each summer long. By taking the time to understand a bit more about your Raypak pool heater and the components that make it work, you'll be able to ensure your heater is well-maintained, and set to last for season after season of reliable performance.